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There are three things that life throws at you just to mess with you from time to time. Buying a car, having a tooth filled, and buying a mattress. MattressReports.Com is owned and operated by veterans of the mattress industry who've spent most of their adult lives in the mattress industry. One of our writers practically invented the bed in the box concept that dominates the industry today. Another is a foam and materials expert, and yet another is an e-commerce bedding pioneer. 

We'll give you the basic bullet points on every mattress type, from today's highly popular hybrid mattresses like Casper, Tuft & Needle, Loom & Leaf and others, from memory foam, latex, latex/coil hybrids, innersprings, digital air bed systems, and even beds specifically designed for obese folks, narrowing down the choices so you don't have to spend weeks becoming a mattress expert, or feel like you no idea what you're looking for when you go through the gauntlet online. Our experts include a former bedding industry CEO who along with our editing team are experts in the mattress review world. We've evaluated and tested hundreds of mattresses and whittled them down to a list of about 40 dealers who we believe offer outstanding beds, offered at fair prices, with genuine reviews you can trust, a solid warranty, and a no questions asked trial period. Click here if you want to cut to the chase and check out our Trusted Dealers page.

On the navigation drop down at the top of any page, choose Beds By Type, and you can learn about each kind of mattress option that is available either through online retailers, or brick and mortar stores. Evaluated, critiqued, carefully reviewed, and hand selected by our team. A group of mattress executives, engineers, advertising mad men, and bed nerds who see through all of the flowery bullshit- so you don't have to! We also own another independent mattress information web site called The Mattress Buyer Guide, arguably the web's dominant force in pulling back the curtain on mattress scams and misinformation, especially when it comes to fake reviews and totally made up rankings and scores which make tons of money for retailers, but don't really provide truthful information about mattresses.

We've created a portfolio of select mattress companies, by category (you'll find them on each of the pages in our Beds By Type category, at the top of this page) after carefully studying and vetting their products. These hand chosen merchants offer what we consider to be the best value and highest quality components and manufacturing processes, and offer the best warranties and trial periods in the business. You'll be able to click on banners that take you directly to the page where our preferred merchants are offering the specific mattress we advise buying.

Visit our Mattress Scam page to explore the five most insidious tricks that mattress retailers use to steal your money and take advantage of uneducated shoppers. We'll arm you with solid information and confidence, without stressing you out with endless charts and graphs and numerical nonsense like most other so-called mattress review sites provide. We'll even give you a working list of reliable retailers that we have thoroughly vetted that offer outstanding mattress options for you to consider. With Mattress Reports, you're not going to get a maze of charts, graphs, fake reviews, or nonsense. You're going to get the facts. Before you know it, you'll be shopping, like a champ. Click here to visit our Where To Buy page, and don't get scammed!


This web site, and our partner site, were originally founded in 2007, long before today's "mattress review" sites began crowding the internet. We began our mission of providing education and knowledge to make mattress shopping less of a horror, and more of an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, these days when you search for "mattress reviews", many of the sites you'll land on are owned or financially influenced by big mattress manufacturers. A lot of cash changes hands to get these co-called "mattress review" scam operations to favor certain mattress choices over legitimate options. You'll even see legal disclosures at the top of many sites that are court orders for these fake review sites to disclose their fishy goings on with the big retailers. Our site, though we do receive a small affiliate fee when you click on our links to mattress retailers, focuses on providing you with solid academic information about mattress design and construction, and limiting your options from 100 nebulous choices to just a handful. Check out our Trusted Dealers page to see who we recommend for a great mattress experience. We've narrowed down hundreds of bedding options to just 39 online dealers in every category, to help you cut to the chase and not get ripped off.


You'll get unfiltered, solid information that will give you the knowledge you need to get the best deal on a quality mattress. We're the only mattress review site run by industry professionals, not a couple of guys with a laptop plopping bowling balls onto beds to attempt to demonstrate "how the mattress will feel". We won't insult your intelligence. We'll give you the facts, not fake reviews. Our founder, an industry icon, a components expert, a marketing and merchandising master, knows every single bit of trickery and witchcraft the mattress industry uses to deceive you. The bedding industry is one of the most competitive product categories in the world today, and our site will keep you from making a "$2,000 mistake".